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Meet my new friend!!

Good morning! (*^o^*)

I’ve just brought a new friend home!! From now on, there is someone who will always need me, and always take care of me. 🙂

When I went to eat at Alita and Michael’s the other day, they told me about a friend who needed to find a new home for her kitties. One of them had found a new home already, but the other, who was called Yuki (Japanese for “snow”), still needed a loving family.

What a coincidence– I was looking for someone to love me! I loooooove love looooooove kitties. I grew up with them. When I came to Japan, I thought that I’d have to leave all of that behind. Until one day, a little kitten named Nessie appeared in a box on the stoop of an elementary school that I was teaching at. I brought her home, and she was a feisty one! We enjoyed a few years together, until my roommate decided that she would go back to Canada, and wanted to take Nessie with her.

I was really sad to see Nessie go, but I was busy with work at Konomi-sensei’s at the time, and my roommate really loved her (She’s doing well in Canada now, from what I hear!), so I said goodbye. Since then, although I had a snake for about 1 week before she ran away (ToT), I’ve been pretty much pet-less.

No more!! Yuki, whom I’m still considering names for (if you have an idea, please leave it in a comment!), is here to stay. 🙂 If you’d like to see more pictures, click on!

She’s making herself totally at home this morning..

She has a dirty little nose. Maybe I should name her Kira! (After the DS9 character). I’m kind of leaning towards Kes, because she is really friendly and sweet. Just touch her and she starts purring up a storm! Kira doesn’t really fit, lol. Except for the nose ornamentation!

Those eyes could pierce your soul, right? They are still blue (she is about 5 months old), with tiny flecks of gold starting to appear. I think that she’ll be stunning with gold eyes. 🙂

I see you. She’s going to be lord of the house when she gets older. There is no timidness at all, except when the vacuum cleaner is running! She bolted and hid under the bed. XD

Bye bye everyone! She says.

Right now, she’s sleeping next to me in a little makeshift bed that I made for her out of a box that my girlfriend sent to me. I guess that my lap was too slippery, or I moved around too much! Which is okay, because I need to get to work on drawing today.

Later on, I’m going to the city to meet with my producer. I’ve got to get information for my visa… joy oh joy oh joy! ^^;;

If you have any suggestions for names, leave them below, please! (^o^)/


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