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Here’s where it begiiiiins! Immigration. Drama.


Oh, immigration. How I love thee. Yesterday was just one of those days! You know the ones– where you blink and just kind of realize that– oh, the day’s over! You know what I mean? ^o^;;

I got up around 9, which is kind of late for me. I’m one of those eternal risers who wakes up happy and energetic, and can’t stand to sleep during the day. Past 7 and I feel like a slug! Who is with me?

Nobody? T___T

Well alright, you can’t say that I’m anything but unique! So, yesterday, I started out late, and did my chores. A new desk arrived just as I had finished watering the plants! I didn’t have time to put it together, though, as I had to rush off to the dentist.

I took a few pictures along the way… Like of this sign for a housing center. I wonder what that is?↓↓

And this one of a light pole!

I thought that the little yellow flags were awesome, so I needed to take a picture of them. Like, NEEDED.

There were pretty flowers, too.  I live about a 15 minute walk from the dentist’s office. There are offices that are a little bit closer, but you’ll see why I chose this one when we arrive..

I have to walk through a park to get there. It’s a beautiful, woody park with lots of fish, lots of kids, and lots of bugs! It’s really small, but it has a dirty little basketball center. I need to buy a ball and get to practicing!

And aren’t these little guys so adorable???



I’m thinking about starting up a stock photography account, and if I cleaned those photos up, they might be really nice! Who knows? It would be nice to have a little extra money coming in (I’m looking for new jobs to help surviving)


Aaaaaand…!!! Here we are!

Can you see why I chose them?

Hint: the colorrrrrrrrr!





It’s so pretty!!!!

After that, I schlepped off to the Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau all the way in Shinagawa.

That itself is a reason for despair. Sort of. I was just going there to pick up the forms to renew my visa, because every time I renew my visa, I’ve gotten something wrong and had to go back 100 times with supplemental material. Uuuuuuuuuugh. It’s a hassle.

This time, though, I was determined to get it right! So, I went to Shinagawa (an hour and a half away), and picked up the forms that I will need.

On my way~~ It was a very hot day!


Even though it was really hot, I brought my camera. I was planning to take pictures of the inside of Immigration. But what did I see pasted on the glass doors right behind a rather menacing-looking guard?


Boo. And here, I had brought my camera along with me and everything! Raaaawr.

I guess it’s to protect identities and all of that. Yeah.

Okay, I understand. (I don’t have to like it, but I understand!)

Luckily, I just needed to pick up forms, so I Only had to wait about ten minutes, and then I was out of there, heading back into the city to have dinner at my friend Alita’s house. She has adorable kitties, and adorable kitties make everything better!

In fact, it seems that a friend of hers has kittens to give away, and so I might be taking one of them in..

Me, and a cat? Imagine the mess that we could get ourselves into then??? (And what will I do with it when I go to London? Who wants to pet sit??!)

What should I dooooooo…

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