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Jamie shika mienai sekai.

“The world that only I can see..”

That’s what I think my manifesto is, in terms of this blog, and my photography. I mainly write about my life, and what I see. I aim to take pictures that are “different” than what anyone else will take. Sometimes they’re gorgeous because they’re unusual, and sometimes they’re quite ugly. But they’re always specially me. 🙂

Yesterday, I went to the “History of Shipping Transportation” museum in Shinagawa to film September’s episodes of Asahi Pop’n Press. It was sweltering hot, and though the museum was only a 5 minute walk from Shinagawa station, I was thoroughly soaked with sweat within seconds! Sometimes I wonder if it’s safe to cover my entire body with anti-perspirant. Sweat is soooo gross. And smelly! I really, really dislike it.

If you overlook that, it was a really fun day! I’m getting ready the few pictures that I took while I wasn’t filming, for another day soon. I got to try all sorts of interesting things! That’s why I love working on that TV show.

But in other news..

I really want to write about my kitchen and ask you guys’ advice on decorating it, but I want to make it as presentable as possible. (It has no a/c, so I avoid it like the plague when it’s this hot and humid out!) In the meantime, I have these pictures that I’ve been wanting to share:

This is actually in my kitchen.. I have sunflowers all over, because they’re bright and cheerful, like me! *^-^*

The afternoon sunlight was making lovely patterns on the kitchen floor. The floor is made of fake wood flooring. It’s not my favorite thing- too yellow- but it’s better than the ancient green vinyl that was in the place when I came to look at it!

When I went to the dinosaur museum for Asahi Weekly, I bought this little stuffed guy as a souvenir. Isn’t she adorable?! I haven’t named her yet.

Okay, well, I did name her. But I forgot what name it was, so I guess that I’ll have to start over. XD She is made of fabric with little yellow hearts and flowers. 🙂

I bought this in Beijing.

Part of a scroll that I have hanging on the wall, that I also bought in Beijing. 🙂

A tag on a New Years arrow that I bought in Meiji-Jingu shrine a few years back, during the New Year. Supposedly you are supposed to burn these arrows each year, but I really only wanted one because I thought they were pretty. There is no tip on it. 🙂

My baby. A spider plant that I bought 7 years ago as a seedling. It’s a giant plant now, that has followed me from home to home. Goodness knows what I’ll do with it if I ever leave Japan permanently! It would devastate me to get rid of it!

Here are some mint seedlings that I’ve started. They’re not doing too well, though. I’m not sure if they’re getting enough light.

And cilantro. I looooooovoe cilantro, so I decided to try to grow it. But aphids are starting to infest it (and my dill). I am almost at my wit’s end! I’ve tried almost everything, but aphids are killing everything in site! Does anyone have any tips aside from pesticide and the soap+water thing? I’ve tried those to the point that I almost killed my chili plants.

Me. Just me. XP

And here are some pictures from my neighborhood, close-up. 🙂

I really, really love the flower ones at the end there! I recently found a field of Sunflowers, so I’m going to try and get over there at sunset or sunrise to take some pictures soon! As many as I can take without trespassing, at least!

Love you all!! I’ll be writing more soon! Did you have a favorite picture in here?

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