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Okinawa a-go-go 5

The sun dawned bright and early on our last sweltering day in Okinawa! I was exhausted, but in no way did I want to leave! How could anyone want to leave somewhere so warm, and so beautiful?!

On the roster for the last day was a bit of sightseeing, a bit of culture, and a cave!

Where we went was a place called “Okinawa World,” which had a nice, cool, looooovely cave! It felt so nice to get away from the heat!

The cave was a great respite, and to make things even better, they had fruit THAT I HAD NEVER TRIED! How can you not want to eat mangosteen and passionfruit?! As it turns out, mangosteen are delicious to the extreme, with their flesh a bit like litchi with the taste of mango. Passionfruit and dragonfruit are alright, but not the best.

But the experience of trying new fruit was totally worth it!

Plus, I also got to try raw sugar cane! How cool is that?!

I took a picture of this because the schoolgirl looked like she would make a great football player. 🙂

And something else that Okinawa is really into are Habu. Habu are really poisonous vipers that are native to Okinawa, and supposedly if you drink their venom, you will be powerful, have a lot of energy, be really virile (if that’s your thing), and live for a long time! Okinawa has more centenarians (people over 100) than any place on Earth, so it might be true! I don’t know. I thought that they looked cool, though.

“Habu” a nice day. LOLOLOLOL

These are old canoes and a ship that were used by the early people of the Okinawan islands.

And a Habu skeleton. 🙂

It was the middle of the day, but the moon was clearly visible as we headed off to another cave and nature trail across the street.

It was home to.. this. It used to be worshipped as a god. Have any idea what god it was? You only get one guess, but I doubt you’d even need more!

The scary part came soon after, though. See, Okinawa has a lot of BIG spiders. And bugs all over. Colorful, but scary since they are still bugs!

As we found out.

Holy crap! Would you like to see that?

That freaked us out so much that we promptly ran away and boarded a plane back to Tokyo!

Well, okay maybe not so promptly. But it was definitely a topic of conversation on the return flight.

Will I go to Okinawa again? Heck yeah! But I might go to Hawaii first. I need to check out my future home, after all! I might pose as a millionaire while I’m there and go house-hunting for beachfront property while I’m at it. I saw one online for $12,000,000 that was pretty promising! 😀

See you again tomorrow with a little bit of talk about Umezu-sensei and the striped Makoto-chan house!

Leave me a comment if you want to go to Okinawa too!

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