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Okinawa a-go-go 4

Next, we went out to hit up the Aquarium. The Naha Aquarium is supposed to be one of the largest, most awesome aquariums in Japan!

It had giant turtles and jellyfish, so it was definitely awesome. Any place that has jellyfish is awesome in my eyes. I loooooove jellyish! To look at. Not to eat. They don’t taste all that delicious.

So, yes, jellyfishiiiiiiies!! 😀

The aquarium is actually called the Chiraumi Aquarium!
If you want to go, check out their homepage for directions: http://oki-churaumi.jp/en/guide/access.html

As I sad before, it had jellyfish. That makes it worth going to for me. And for you, if you like jellyfish.

There are also volcanoes poking their heads up in the distance, which makes for a bit of an eerie sight. A sight completely and totally worth seeing.

They also have really cool trash cans! 🙂

Sometimes that I think that I might have been a mermaid in a past life, and that would exaplain why I love the Ocean so much. I can’t live without the Ocean.. I don’t want to live without the Ocean. When I see the deep blue water stretching away for me for endless miles into the horizon, I feel a calm come over me. Rather than play in the ocean, I just want to be there.

Be there, and soak it all in. Maybe that’s why I love aquariums….

And giant sharks!

And cute turtles!

When we were done with this rather full day, the sun was starting to set. It was absolutely breathtaking….. 🙂

Sayonara, Okinawa Aquarium. The sun was setting now as we drove slowly back to the city and the hotel. Tomorrow was going to be our last day. A rather frightening last day.

Stay tuned for the last part of my Okinawan saga… tomorroooooooow!

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