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Okinawa a-go-go!

You knew that it was coming! (^.~)

A few summers ago, I jetsetted off to Okinawa with the girls that I had went to Kyoto with! A hot, sweltering couple of days in sup-tropical Japan. Okinawa, here I come!

Or came, really. Off to Okinawa me, Eda, and Erin went. Tropical days in the sun and surf… I can definitely see myself living in the tropics for the rest of my life!

Picture it… Reclining in a chair on my wooden deck, a tropical drink in one hand and a pencil in the other. As the sound of the waves washes over me, I just draw and draw and draw. There’s a beach umbrella over me to protect from the glaring sun. All day, I draw and draw and draw manga, and then as the sun falls run out the back door to take a dip in the ocean. 🙂 Day after day after day, eating tropical fruit, drinking ice tea, and drawing. Then, before I fall asleep every night in my giant water bed, I read a great book. Oh yes, that is the life. I’m SO going to move to someplace awesome, where I never need a jacket.

For the moment though, I was in Okinawa!!

It’s a short flight to Okinawa. Just two hours! In contrast, it takes me two hours to get to the Tokyo domestic airport (Haneda). XD
We flew by Mt. Fuji and saw rainbows.. Rainbows are a good start to any trip! 🙂

We landed in the oppressing heat. It felt like we had stepped off of a nice, air-conditioned plane, into a sauna.

It was very, very hot. Oppresively hot. Like, upper 90s with a full glaring sun and almost 100% humidity. I don’t mind it too much, but nobody can deny the heat and sweating that happens.

And yet, everywhere I saw people with long sleeves. In that weather, it seems like a recipe for disaster!! Such is the power of suggestions in Japan– if one person does it or has it, everyone has to have it/ do it! I am serious. A few years ago, someone announced on TV that if you ate natto (slimy fermented soybeans) every day you could lose weight. Natto was suddenly sold out everywhere. The same thing happened with bananas once!

So these days, and back then too, wearing long sleeves in summer was all the rage. Supposedly it’s to “not tan”. But that doesn’t explain some of the styles, as you will see… (and I can’t do that. I would collapse from heat exhaustion in about 3 seconds!)

How is this girl not boiling?

This lady has the right idea!

More of that later, though!

There were a lot of interesting things to see in Okinawa! Right off the bat, we saw this mural! And then a bus..

Oh my god.

It’s not considered lewd or pornographic at all to display a little boy’s privates in Japan. They’re used as gags in movies and comics all the time. As well as on signs, apparently.

I am apparently quite the prude because I find public nudity inappropriate. It’s not special if you show it to everyone. Not everyone agrees with me, so I’ll leave it at that, but that is the way that I feel.

But, on to more pleasant things! Much more pleasant things than a little boy’s private place! As in.. our car! We rented a car and it was green. How awesome is that? Green car!!! 😀 😀 😀 It beats a little boy’s peen any day!

I did the same thing as in Kyoto, and ended up kind of following along with everyone else on what they wanted to do. I guess that I’m pretty easygoing! I only had two items on my list of must-sees: The beach, and the Pineapple park!

So, we ended up going to Shurijo castsle (another non-castle castle!), which is a world Heritage site! But first, we ran into another insane woman.

Alright, you’re not wanting to tan, I understand. I think it would be hot and incredibly unfashionable, but alright, I understand the reasoning…….

Except for her. She left huge gaps, so under that sun, she probably had a very interesting tan line on her arms! Maybe she was going for an Amazonian warrior look and making tan-cuffs?

It’s catching on with the kids, too! Oh no!

I didn’t know before we went, but Shuri castle is an Unesco World Heritage site! Check one off my list!

Agaiiiin! I don’t get this at all. You’re not covering your whole arms, yo.. o.o
What is the poiiiiiiiiiint? Crazy. I don’t get it at all. But there are a lot of fashion trends that I don’t get, like the fur tails last year.

In case you’re not sure, this is how hot it was! SO hot that the cicadas were dropping dead!

I said it in Osaka that I’m not all that into Japanese ‘castles,’ but it was still pretty neat. I really, really loved the architecture, and the floor design! Oh, and all of the lions! Lions, lions everywhere!

I wouldn’t care to go again, but it was really nice to see once. 🙂 And the weather was bright, hot, and sunny, just like I like it!

It was a long first day and didn’t cool off until night, so we were pretty exhausted by the time that we got to our hotel. I was out like a light!

I leave you with a particularily sad picture of tourist merchandise that we happened across: This t-shirt says “I don’t love myself.” 🙁

It might be a joke that I just don’t get, though!

In any case, tomorrow was our next day– a day of wonder and excitement in Naha, Okinawa, Japan! Stay tuned!! (^o^)/

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