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I did it! Rickshaw ride in Tokyo!

Did you know that you can ride a Rickshaw in Tokyo?
I didn’t! At least, not for the first few years!

But it turns out that you can ride them year round, and the place to do it is Asakusa– smack dab in the middle of Tokyo. 🙂

Again, I’m delving into the past here. You can tell by my red hair! My hair is brown now, the way that it was when I was born… I just needed to experiment there for a while, and I love redheads! (My hair is sure damaged now, though!)

So, I asked my good friend Adrian to come with me. He is one of my oldest and dearest friends here. A total otaku, it can be really fun geeking out with him, especially about Macross!

This is the official site for the Rickshaw community: http://www.tokyo-rickshaw.com/

It’s in Japanese, but it has cool music and neat videos! Don’t worry, though, if you just go to Asakusa, a lot of the Rickshaw drivers will approach you in english! It’s a big tourist trade, so there are always english-speaking drivers. 🙂

Our driver was really outgoing, and more than eager to stop everywhere for pictures!
He was also super-strong!! It was warm out, and I would never have been able to pull a load like that! How awesome!

We started out on the main streets, and wound around the temple there in Asakusa.

And of course, we could see the Asahi Brewing Co. building in the background, which is shaped like a beer. In front of that is the golden Olympic flame, but everyone thinks that it’s shaped like a flying poop.

We wound through the streets and he was a font of information in English.

And we stopped EVERYWHERE for pictures. I think that we look like an old couple with our little blanket, lol!


Afterwards we wandered around the temple for a little bit.

I don’t have that many pictures, but I want to go back again! The ride was really fun, and a neat experience! I’d definitely go again in a heartbeat, i Just don’t find myself in the middle of Tokyo with nothing to do all that often! Maybe soon… 🙂

If you want to go on a rickshaw, just go to Asakusa station. You can’t miss it, it’s smack dab in the middle of Tokyo. And if you just walk down the street, the rickshaw pullers will approach you. They’re very enthusiastic!

There’s also all sorts of collectible things that you can get for riding. Next time, I’ll take a ton of pictures!

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