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Tokyo Disney Sea!

I labored forever over whether to publish my old Okinawa vacation photos or Tokyo Disney Sea first… Okinawa was such a great summertime retreat, but there are several hundred photos. Disney Sea, however, I have slightly less photos, and everybody loved the post on Universal Studios..

So, Disney Sea it is!

I went to Disney Sea yeeeeeears ago, with a few friends. It’s on the other side of the city, so it takes me a few hours to get there and the train fare is pricey. So that’s why I’ve only been there once!

I want to go again, though!! Tokyo Disney Sea is right next door to Tokyo Disneyland, and is supposed to be an “adult’s version of Disneyland.” Of course, it’s still overrun with kids, but they do adult things like serve beer and have rides based on books and action movies instead of animated ones.

Here is the official site for Tokyo Disney Sea: http://www.tokyodisneyresort.co.jp/en/tds/index.html
(There are access information and maps in english there, in case you want to try it out for yourself!)

I liked both Land and Sea, but in the end, Sea was more fun for me! Maybe it’s because I’ve been to the Disneyland in California about a hundred times before. I lived in Southern California for four years as a pre-teen, and my Dad loved roller coasters. 😀

Okay, now I really want to go back! Definitely will make time this summer around all of my work!

I took all of these photos years ago when I only had a point-and-shoot compact digital camera. It’s proof that you can really take good pictures with anything! 😉 You don’t need a DSLR (though I love mine!).

My friend Trisha was staying with me at the time, so we met two other friends at the station. 🙂

Disney Sea is very worldly. 🙂

And ornate! At the time, it was the 25th anniversary of all things Disney in Japan, so the number 25 was everywhere. 🙂

What is this volcano?? Shall we go see?

On the way, we passed pretty boats.

And drew ever nearer to the smoking giant..

More wonder was there to behold…

Curioser and curioser..

OH! It’s a restaurant!!

And also part of the Journey to the Center of the Earth ride!! Any ride based on a Jules Verne novel gets my approval! I loooooooooooooooooooooove Jules Verne! His “The Mysterious Island” is one of my favorite books ever. I have a really old Reader’s digest edition with color illustrations that my Dad had had as a boy, and I’ve read it hundreds of times. I am a fan, hands down!

I was really excited!

And there were really cool Steampunk-y decorations on the way down. Good thing, because it was a long wait! At least the cave was cool, which was a welcome respite from the hot summer sun in Tokyo.

There was a lot of opportunity to get bored, though, so I started playing with lights and cameras. I totally was doing this way before the Aurora Light Painters. 😀

And in case I’m too much for you, there are exits everywhere. 🙂

We survived! I have absolutely no memories of the ride, so I guess that it wasn’t all that memorable, lol! I think that I need to check on this. 🙂

Something that I really love about Disneyland/sea are the decorations. I live in a fantasy world, and it’s really great when the world outside matches the world inside of my head! Who wants to live in a normal world, anyway? Where is the magic??

This is from the really boring Aladdin(?) boat ride, or something like that, lol. But the troll was kind of scary. What self-respecting troll plays an instrument?

But luckily, things picked up from here! There was more gorgeous architecture, and I could see the famous Tower of Terror looming in the background. I could not WAIT for the Tower of Terror!! I love scary movies and scary rides.. they make me feel alive! 🙂

On the way to the Haunted Mansion, we were posed a question..

And got an answer, I think. 😉

Inside the tower we ventured. I was much intrigued by the gorgeous design. I really love old furnishings like this!!

And I totally want a guestbook for my house! Nobody comes here so nobody would sign it though, lol. Next time, I’m moving into the middle of the city! XD

Again, normal old point and shoot camera. You know you want one!!

I couldn’t videotape the drop, but here we are! Can you find me??? 😀 Mickey and pals are having a great time in front, though! Next time I’m SO sitting in the front row! Aaaaaaaaah I want to go baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!

We needed to seriously chill out after that scare. Here is Trisha sitting on a chair. Trisha is a dear friend who used to live in Japan. She’s visited a few times since moving back to the states. She’s a really talented singer and cosplayer, and totally in love with Nami from One Piece. 🙂

I love how Japan accidentally encourages trash. Well, if there is any place for wanton trash, it’s Japan! Everything, even fruit from the grocery store, is covered in plastic! X(((

It looks like Captain Nemo has been busy.

As has Jack Sparrow.

And Harry Potter!

Tokyo Disney Sea is mainly situated around a huge marina. It looks a lot like an old dock town. There are fewer kids, which is great, but a lot of people drinking beer, which is not so great. ^^; Sorry if you like beer! I prefer to get my kick from green tea rather than alcohol. 🙂

Buuuuuuuuuuuuut! There is one “zone” specifically for kids” That’s King Triton’s Castle! And it is like walking into a magical underwater wonderland! I’m too big for most of the rides, but since when am I not too big for something? 😀

I think that the blurriness adds to the effect, doesn’t it? 😀 Totally intentional, yes. Err, yeah.

These are jellyfish that gently bob up and down for the kiddies. I may not be too big, but I am too heavy. ;_;

This is what I look like when seeing jellyfish that you can ride on. Jellyfish are the love of my life! I love them… I could gaze at them for hours, and I have been known to do that once in a while. An aquarium with jellyfish is my friend. 🙂 🙂 🙂

We did not partake at the time, but there is a cafe manned by Sebastian. I really want to go next time!

By this time, night was falling..

And that’s about it! There aren’t really all that many rides at Disney Sea, but it’s a really fun place for someone who enjoys waiting in lines looking at cool architecture, drinking beer cola, eating popcorn flavored after Kingdom Hearts, and relaxing in the sun.

Next time, I will make sure to get some awesome pictures! Maybe I can even stay overnight in the hotel, that would be fun! It’s been ages since I’ve stayed in a Disney hotel!

Has anyone else been to Tokyo Disney Sea? Tell me about it!

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