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Behind the scenes at Cirque du Soleil in Tokyo!

I’ll tell you a secret..! (●^ノω^)♪

I completely and totally idolize the members of Cirque du Soleil. A lot of people probably do, really. How can you not? The things that these talented people can do with their bodies are mesmerizing. Flat out breathtaking. Then add in that ethereal and tribal music. Seeing a show live was so primal! It’s a totally different experience than seeing it on tv. Does anyone else feel the same way?

Unfortunately, the Tokyo-exclusive Cirque du Soleil performance (Zed) was cancelled last year after attendance dropped off due to the Earthquake. It’s really too bad.. two years before that, I had been to see them, and I had always meant to go back. I will just have to watch it when I go to other cities now!

But at least, I have pictures from my time there! Beautiful, gorgeous pictures of the cast and from my backstage tour. 🙂 This is a good way to remember it, I hope! 🙂

All of these pictures belong to Asahi Weekly. For once, none of them were taken by me, but they were taken by a professional photographer who went along with us! (yay!)

After watching Zed, which absolutely stole my breath away, I got to take pictures with the cast on stage!

If I had the talent, I would so apply for a show! It takes so much dedication!

The costumes also blow my mind away. Look at that colorfulness, that detail!! It makes me want to be a costume designer. Did you know that most of the cast design their own costumes and makeup?? That was something that I learned on the tour.

Amazing and detailed. It’s total fantasy. That’s one of the things that I really loved about Cirque. It’s a show, pure and simple, and yet so much more than that. It’s a dip inside somebody’s mind. Pure and total creativity! Isn’t that fascinating??

I had red hair at the time, and tried to wear something colorful, but I still lose big-time, lol. 😛 I feel like I should try to be a little more whimsical in the way that I dress, partly because of this show.

I went into the training room at the Cirque du Soleil theater afterwards, to interview the star, Mr. Zed. In this case, he was played by Reda Guernick, who was really nice and friendly! The cast rotates, though. But imagine being chosen for such a high honor… amazing!

Reda/Zed was so funny and entertaining! I can only barely remember the things that we talked about, but I do remember that he told me how exciting it was to be here in Japan, and how members of the cast were from all over the world. People came with their entire families, and Cirque provided a lot of the things that they would need for life. They took care of everyone.

Also, the members, being from all over, taught others about their culture. Someone was always bringing in food from their home country and sharing it in the break rooms. There were even cast members who didn’t speak english, but everyone always found a way to communicate.

The training is pretty intense and pretty much constant. Members often bring their children to come train with them!

This guy is training in makeup, lol. 🙂

This is in the hallway in the back of the theater. A picture of everyone who works or worked on this show.

I got to see the dressing rooms where costumes were stored. Most people made their own costumes and wigs.

They were so detailed, it was amazing!

We don’t wear the same size. I have a feeling that if I put this on, I would look slightly different, lol!

The transformation takes a long time in some cases.

Look how many Zed wigs there were!! They had to be changed often, as they would get damaged, or dirty/sweaty/stinky.. 😀 It’s hard to get them to stand up straight, too. 😀

Next, we went up in the rafters, to the lighting control room.

This is where a lot of the magic happens. You don’t think about what goes on to support the performers, but there are hundreds of staff members working long hours to make this happen. 🙂 This guy was the lighting controller for the day.

We went to see the pieces of the stage, all of them either above or below the stage, waiting to be lowered or raised into place. This theater, right next to Tokyo Disneyland, was built especially for this show.
It cost a lot. A lot, lot. I forget the exact figure, but it was in the millions of dollars range. :O It’s not a surprise. You can see it in the gorgeous construction.

I mentioned that it was next to Tokyo Disneyland, right? They were official partners. But that’s why I think that the show failed, though. Tokyo Disneyland is really far outside of the city. People will come to spend the day at the park, but coming so far just for a 2-hour performance could be a bit much. I wish that they would rebuild, but closer into the city this time, because it deserves to be seen!

I wish, wish, wiiiiiish that I could see it again! I’m going to go to the London show if I possibly can when I am there this fall! It seems to be a special one about Michael Jackson! How interesting!

R.I.P. Zed! Hopefully one day they’ll start up this gorgeous show again.

Has anyone else been to a Cirque du Soleil show? Let me know what you thought by leaving a comment!! ♥

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