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I am not a fan of giant robots, but..

I made plans to go to the dockside entertainment complex on the other side of Tokyo net month, so I can go and visit the life-size Gundam statue again! Yay!! Yayayayayayayyyy!

Those who have known me for a long time know that I’m not really a fan of giant robot stuff. I find them, well… unemotional. I’m much more into the heart-breaking human-driven stories (unless they’re my own), so Gundams and most other giant robots tend to rank low on my radar. HOWEVER…

A lifesize giant robot? Like, 5 stories tall giant robot! 5 stories!! It could totally step on you and squash you into a million pieces!

I thought that was awesome. 🙂 So, when it was in Tokyo back in 2009, I went several times and took some really neat pictures. After a while, the Tokyo Municipal government dismantled it and sent it on a tour around the country (for “goodwill,” what?). But it’s back now. And I’m going to Odaiba anyways. I am SO taking a million pictures!!

I bet that I can take much better ones now. I’ll show you my old ones for reference:

Big robot can step on you!

The only possible angle, this is.

I thought that I would try and be creative (like everyone else out there).

I also… yeah, well. I don’t think that I’d do that anymore, lol.

I was also not the only one there. Not by a loooong shot. XD

They were awfully detailed when creating it!

I am only putting this here to get a sense of the scale. I am six feet tall, and this is just the robot’s toes.

Erin was there also, of course!

Getting creative as night fell.

A Gundam is not the only giant statue in Odaiba, lol..

This is Tokyo bay bridge. By the way, I took all of these with a little point-and-shoot digital camera.

Aaaaaaand, I will conclude with a happy moustachioed watermelon!

If you want to see pictures of Odaiba that I’ve taken more recently, there are some here and here! 🙂

I look forward to comparing the new photos with the old, to see how I’ve grown!

Now, off to plan my birthday party. 🙂 Less than a month to go!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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