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Sometimes, I don’t want to write about the past. I don’t want to write about the present. What I am most thinking about is the future!

When something bad happened to me, I felt like I needed a change. I needed something new in my life.

So,what I did was buy a plane ticket to London. “I want to get out of Japan,” I thought. That trip, my first trip to the United Kingdon, is coming up, and I can’t wait! (October). One of the biggest reasons for going was, truly, that I wanted to get out of Japan. It felt like Japan had broken my heart.

I’ve settled back down, as I picked myself and tried to re-learn who I was, I realized that that person is someone well and truly awesome. And this is the list that I’ve come up with, over the last half a year, of things that I want to do while I am still on this Earth.

Things are all up in the air for what can I do after I leave Earth, though! (^.~) Can’t wait for it!!

J A M I E ‘ S – B U C K E T – L I S T (always being updated)

☆ Participate in an archaeological dig.
Volunteer in a less fortunate country.
☆ Take a zen retreat to a Monastery in the Tibetan mountains.
☆ Take a cruise on the Amazon.
☆ Take a cruise on the Nile.
☆ Hunt for Unicorns in Europe.
☆ Go on an African Safari.
☆ Become a certified diver.
Swim with Jellyfish.
☆ Stand overnight in a faerie circle and see what happens.
☆ Make friends with an Alien.
☆ Visit an Alien Civilization.
☆ Appear in a Star Trek production (movie or tv show)
Publish a manga in Japanese.
☆ Publish a manga in English.
☆ Publish a book. (Almost there!!!)
☆ Buy a high-rise apartment in Hawaii.
☆ Eat 1,000 kinds of fruit (and document it)
Stand on a stage in front of thousands of manga fans.
☆ Film a movie or tv show with my iphone.
☆ Publish an art book.
☆ Run a marathon.
☆ Release a song.
☆ Collaborate with Taylor Swift.
Eat breakfast with a giraffe.
Get married to a lovely lady.
☆ Look for leprechauns near the end of a rainbow.
☆ Ride in a hot air balloon.
Stay overnight underwater.
☆ Visit Stonehenge during sunrise or sunset and get some great pictures.
☆ Visit the Great Pyramids.
☆ Do a road trip through the continental US.

I’m going to add to this list as my life goes on and more and more THINGS THAT I MUST DO come into my mind.

Feel free to steal any ideas that you like! Is there anything that you would add to this list? Anything that you would change? Leave a comment!


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