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Universal Studios Japan!

The next day was our last in Osaka, and again, we dragged ourselves out of bed at the crack of dawn. Today was Universal Studios day. (^-~)

I’ve been to the Universal Studios in California a number of times, but it was all when I was a little kid. This time was my first time experiencing it as an adult, and…

With this kind of sign, the day was definitely getting off to a good start!

Erin was a bit nonplussed at something.. a drink that she’d had, maybe?

I was chipper and ready to go! Eda was… what were you doing, my dear Eda? 🙂

Very, very quickly, we arrived!! It looked suspiciously like the American version.

“Hey, look, guys! We’re back in America!!”


More, English..

Even English behind Jaws!

Jurassic Park in English..

Jurassic Park cars were in English..

Jamie was in English.

The Tyrannosaurus Rex was in English.

So were the brontosaurii!

I was so immersed in English that it got my hair wet!

Entree was in French, though.

The Spiderman ride was in English, too! If you can’t speak Japanese, then you definitely don’t have to worry at Universal Studios Japan.

Can you spot us?

I was feeling more like myself after the ride, so I decided that I HAD to have some Spiderman undies. Unfortunately, they didn’t come in my size!!! This remains to this day one of the greatest disappointments in my life. 🙁

The Shark hat was too small, too. 🙁 But it kinda looked like it was laying eggs on top of my head, and I wasn’t sure that I wanted that anyways.
Nowadays, I’d be sure.
I’d definitely buy it.

I was very glad to see this display (there was only a stage show, which we never managed to catch), because it proves that at least one person loved Waterworld besides me. 🙂

William Shatner was there. This was years before my friends and I made a New Years pact that we would not sleep with him, good for one year. Good thing that’s over, as I could have a chance this October! :O

Overall, the thing that stood out to me most about Universal Studios Japan was the english. It was English, English everywhere! It was pretty much a copy of the one in California as I remember it (much as Tokyo Disneyland is). It was fun, though, and I am SO going back next year when the Harry Potter theme park opens there!

After that, we huffed it down to the Osaka Takoyaki museum. Takoyaki are, basically, breaded pieces of octopus. Mmm, delicious! 😀

This is how they make Takoyaki. 🙂

I’ll leave you with a video of the time!

What will I write about tomorrow… I’m not sure! I have a lot of great old photos, but I kind of want to change subjects for a little while…

Stay tuned tomorrow!! 🙂

PS: I love writing in my blog! I love comments even more! It seems really strange to say it, but I’ve been blogging in various places over the years (this is the only place anymore), and doing it has led me to make some of the best friends of my life. I’ve gotten to know people from all over the world. What I love best is your story.

So please, please, leave a comment!! Tell me your opinion, and your stories! 🙂 🙂 (^o^)/

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