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Horror strikes in Nara!

Day three in Osaka started off ominously. We went to see something that Nara is really famous for. Their deer. Their man-eating, crunchety-munchety, evil-eyeing giving deer.

These. They are all over Nara Park.

And they like people. They like people a lot. They will nibble on people.

They LOOK sweet, but they aren’t. They’re actually really, really evil!

Can’t you see the evil in his eyes?

They are all over.

I thought that they were fun…. until they started eating me. You will see, at the end of this post.

I thought that they were cute at the time!

“Just hanging in there.”

Kissy kissy.

There were a lot of people there in Nara Park.

And these souvenirs are called “deer poo.”

It turns out that there was another reason apart from the ravenous deer to come to Nara park. The giant, giant buddha.

Not yet..

Still not quite there..


Not quite!

He couldn’t wait for the bathroom.

It takes a while to get to the giant buddha. It’s one of several “largest buddhas in the world.” So, here is a sign warning anyone who can read Japanese that it’s dangerous to approach the deer. But, you see, they approach you.

Finally, it seems, we found the buddha, which is apparently housed in a giant building.

It’s taller than me. You know that’s big!

This is what it looks like… except, you know, bigger. It looks bigger.

These tiny buddhas were taller than me.

So were these guys.

This was not.

It was a very, very big buddha. If I went back today, I would take better pictures. 🙂

And now, I tried to feed the deer. I thought that it would be fun.


They ate part of my shirt, too!

So, I bought a box of “deer poo” as a souvenir. That is a little girl deer with a roll of toilet paper on the right.

We headed back towards our hotel, and saw a cool train advertising Universal Studios.

And ate Chinese food. Since we’re in Japan and all.

And saw some interesting things..

And ended the day with delicious tarts!!

One more day to go!! Are you as excited as I am? 🙂 🙂 🙂

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